A Workout with a smile! 

Classes and workshops in Shropshire

Think Hula Hooping is just for kids? ....Think again.......

Hula Hooping is not only a fantastic belly blaster it also burns around 500 calories in an hours session!

Get Hoop Fit!

A Jula Hoops 'Hoop Fit' class will improve all over muscle tone, raise your heart rate, improve your posture and put a smile on your face!

Using bigger  fitness hoops made for adults hula hooping is much easier than you may remember as a child - Jules guarantees anyone can do it!

Who are the classes for?

Absolutely anyone! Hoop Fit classes are aimed at all abilities and all levels of fitness. The class is designed to teach you basic hula skills whilst increasing  your fitness levels and toning muscle. Jules also teaches Hoop Dance courses and workshops for anyone wanting to learn tricks and flow with their hoop, suitable for all levels!

 Want to Buy a Hoop?

JulaHoops makes and sells fitness hoops designed to tone muscle and give you a good workout. They are taped in lovely bright colours with silver sparkly tape in between. Choose your favourite colour and it will be made for you! To order and arrange delivery email jules@julahoops.co.uk

Classes soon to begin in Shropshire - keep checking the class details page for info!